Our Services


SGS is a global production machine.  We have the processes, technology and people to deliver end-to-end solutions in every facet of packaging and marketing production — once the idea and key visuals are locked, SGS’s production engine takes over.

Image Carriers

• SGS Gravure
• Flexo/“HD Pro” HD Flexo Technology
• Dry Offset/Metal Decorating

Color Services

• INKLAB - Color & Print Management
• GMI - PQM (Print Quality Management) /(Color + materials quality & composition) 
• Quality Control – Ongoing quality services for printed samples & in-market audits

Hero Comps

SGS Comp creates first-class physical packaging comps for the world's best brands. When brand groups need to create production realistic or beauty comps for photo shoots or TV commercials in advance of commercialization, SGS COMP can produce in quantities from one to thousands and give clients peace of mind.

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At sgsco, Design leads all creative thinking.  With the package at the center of the marketing mix, we have structured our organization to deliver all levels of integrated marketing solutions.


Strategic Design:
We have assembled a team of strategic designers ready to tackle the most challenging of client briefs. When a client requires a strategic response, we have the senior creative talent ready to deploy and deliver.

Adaptive Design:
We have unparalleled expertise in adaptive design. Once the creative is finalized, we become the trusted partner to adapt the design to the entire brand portfolio.

This is where SGS built its business. We have the processes, the technology and the people to implement design intent, quickly and effectively.
Integrated Marketing Communications

We are a new kind of global creative company; one that combines world-class thinking with unrivaled, multi-faceted and nimble production capabilities. We bring to life the kind of compelling ideas that break through and drive to conversion in any media or application.

• Brand Strategy
• Creative Development
• Shopper Marketing
• Consumer Promotions
• Trade Promotions
• Digital Marketing
• Mobile Solutions
• Social Media

Sgsco provides end-to-end workflow solutions from brand management and digital marketing to the package on the shelf and on line, using one global integrated platform.

Workflow Project Management

Sgsco delivers not only technology – we deliver a service. Whether we work with our client’s existing or licensed workflow platform, or work with our own, SGS is a global leader at implementing and operating project workflows.

• Project Mapping
• File Review
• On-Line Proofing
• Remote Approvals
• Distribution and approval routing (Insight)
• Color Accurate Viewing
• Robust Reporting

Universal Asset Management

Dragonfly is SGS’s leading-edge proprietary workflow platform, built by the people who use it. Dragonfly enables complete workflow project management, and seamless integration to achieve Universal Asset Management, incorporating additional Digital Solutions.

• DAM - Digital Asset Management
• PCM - Product Content Management
• "Digital Storefront"/"Print on Demand"
• E-Commerce Distribution


For 47 years, MultiAd/Kwikee has led the industry in the development, hosting and distribution of product content for retailers, manufacturers and other qualified users within the U.S. retail trade. The Kwikee mission is to provide clients and users with high-quality product images and data, which are passed on to consumers in marketing and e-commerce channels. Kwikee content is provided for free to U.S. retail entities for use in physical and digital advertising, marketing, e-commerce and planogram applications.
Prime Label Consultants

Product content is becoming a more and more valuable resource in today’s product economy. Sgsco has an exclusive partnership with Prime Label Consultants (PLC), America’s leading product content consultants. PLC has been helping companies navigate food labeling since 1972. PLC food technologists have daily interaction with government regulators from its offices on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. PLC offers full service food label consulting business with over 3500 clients worldwide.
From CAD to Ad — Hero 3-D Assets

Sgsco’s Armstrong-White agency has developed a proprietary process to create incredibly hi-end 3D assets. By combining art and science, AW combines 2D label art and CAD data, with an overlay of extensive lighting and finishing expertise, to create an automated 3D asset that exceeds the quality of anything available to date — eliminating the need to ever shoot the product.


Additional Services


Regulatory Compliance (PLC – Company “Partner”)

Print Quality Management (GMI – owned by SGS)

Workflow Audit & Consultation (executed by sgsco Consulting)