Key Takeaways from Recent European Information Regulation Update.

The proposed FDA nutritional label changes slated for next spring will bring about a considerable amount of activity amongst U.S. and Canadian food and beverage players. Those that learn about the impact and plan early will be ready to execute before the 2018 deadline.

Based on SGS’s recent completion of the on-pack EU Food Information Regulation update, we have identified 8 keys to converting on time and on budget.



1. Work in batches

Work closely with suppliers by batch to avoid delays. Sending artwork ad hoc can create inconsistency.

2. Schedule & Prioritize

Consider product lead times and how they differ by category. Also consider print lead times for high value vs. fast moving lines and various packaging types (films, labels, etc.)

3. Ensure Correct Non-Regulation Changes

Compare new regulation material and approved marketing copy to avoid inconsistencies. 

4. Flag De-Listed Products

Avoid extra costs by determining products to be de-listed before submitting artwork. 

5. Follow a Guideline

Avoid errors and inconsistencies by using a reference document with clear on-pack design guidelines and rules for legal changes. 

6. Confirm Supplier/Printer Before Work

Do a ‘contact check’ prior to booking tasks to avoid unanticipated contact changes during the process. 

7. Utilize Technology

Use an online approval tool, like Dragonfly, to avoid tracking down lost approvals. Emailing PDFs to manage changes to your product lineup can cause considerable delay. 

8. Start Early

Try to start and finish early. Many factors, such as a lack of clear labeling requirements may cause delays. Once started, anticipate a rapid increase in work volume. 


Educate, plan & execute

The next 24 months are critical for education, planning, and execution. Our regulatory and compliance partnership with Prime Label Consultants (PLC) ensures our clients have the expertise required to leap ahead of the competition and meet all FDA requirements. We encourage you to take advantage of PLC’s education and planning programs early on in this program. 

Let’s work together to ensure success.